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Sitting and knitting

Updated: May 24, 2020

Knitting can bring so much joy, and so much pain. The pain of messing up in knitting can be quite intense. I'd rather stub my toe than drop a stitch when working on a lace project! But knitting can also bring on physical pain of its own. A long hour (or hours) of knitting can leave your jaw tense, you neck tight, and your arms achey. As a physical therapist and a knitter, check out this video for some exercises that I recommend to help keep your body happy!

And of course, if you are having a pain issue that's not going away, please come see Dr. Tolga or me at Bridgewrights Physical Therapy! We'd be happy to help get you back knitting, running, walking, lifting, or whatever, pain-free!

If you want to know more about posture, please check out my Purr-fect posture blog, featuring my kitty!

If you liked this video, another great one for knitters is the video featured in this blog post here. If you are looking for other shoulder exercises, check out the workout section of our website here and look at the "Upper body" section.

We also have free yoga videos and videos for runners, gardeners, and hikers!

Comments, suggestions, questions? Please contact us! We'd be happy to help with your problem or provide more resources!

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