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Hi friends! These exercises are by no means replacement for physical therapy. If you have a pain problem, please consider making an appointment. Also please exercise caution if you have any health concerns or have had a recent fall due to issues with balance. If you have have any hesitation at all about exercising, or haven't exercised recently, please speak to your primary care doctor or come see us! Physical therapists are movement experts and can help you on your path to reduce pain and get in shape!


After work, non-workout - for those days when you don't really want to sweat. Look forward to a small burn and something to make your back feel really nice! Foam roller helps, but if you don't have one, make one with a tightly rolled blanket or beach towel. 


9 Minute Shoulder Workout with Dr. Megan

Try this exercise series for your shoulder muscles using common household objects for weights. In the video, I used a 4 lb squash and a 1.5 lb sweet potato. 

Here are the approximate weights of other objects:
- gallon of milk or water: 8lbs
- can of soda: a little less than 1 lb
- can of pumpkin: 1 lb
- large can of tomatoes: 2lbs
- full 24 oz water bottle: a little less than 2 lbs

Don't limit yourself to these options! Be creative with what you have, but do be careful with glass containers or containers of cleaning chemicals.

For the video, you will probably want one lighter and one heavier object.


8 Minute Lazy Glut Workout with Dr. Megan
6 Minute Squat Workout with Dr. Megan and Tanner
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